Backroad Discoveries - Social Marketing Alliance - Silver Membership

Backroad Discoveries - Social Marketing Alliance - Silver Membership

Backroad Discoveries - Social Marketing Alliance

Your business is one of those discoveries that our audience loves to discover, sort of stumble upon, when they least expect it.  That's why we created Backroad Discoveries Social Marketing Alliance, a network of blogs, sites, pages, online communities and real world places (such as diners, coffee shops, beauty salons and doctor's offices) where folks can browse and explore all the cool stuff we've discovered in our travels ... cool stuff like you and what you do ...


The coolest part is that our readers stumble upon you every time they download a Free Printable or Free Book or anything digital that we give them for free as well as every time they read a post or their copy of Backroad Discoveries or the Backroads Journal.  Page one of the download is the beautiful photo/poem combo they downloaded or the cover of the book and table of contents.  Page Two is the free copy of the Backroad Discoveries Guide or the Backroads Journal where the article about you and what you do is located.


Over the past 5 years, we have built The Backroads from an audience of 32 fans to over 1.2 million loyal fans and followers who enthusiastically share all our discoveries that we post with that family and friends, reaching over 2 million people a week looking to see what cool new discovery we've found.

Sometimes, the discovery is a place or destination and an inspiring poem and interesting info about the place and the photographer who captured the image.  Other times, its a bit of history on a place.  Still, other times, it's a captivating story about an artisan or artist or musician or an innovative store that someone created.

But it's always a discovery and intriguing and compels the reader to click to learn more ...



There's not much point to all this unless we get them to visit you!  And that's something that took a few years for us to figure out.  In the beginning, folks flocked to our page to look at the pretty pictures and to read the inspiring poetry and intriguing stories, but that's where it ended.  They didn't click on through.  They didn't want to leave Facebook.  They were addicted to the social interaction that happened on Facebook.

But we were determined.  We tried one thing after another til we finally stumbled upon the solution.  A lady who is a modern day female Indiana Jones that searches for and finds rare vintage jewelry had hired us to help introduce to our audience what she does.  At first, lots of people read our Facebook posts, but few clicked on through to her site.

Then, we stumbled across the formula, the string of little nuances that moved them from mere tire-kickers, window shoppers, lookie-loos to serious buyers and they began clicking on the link that led them to her rare vintage jewelry.



"Happy Dance!!!  You did a fantastic job!  I just answered Donna about the Boulder opal. That opal sold for over a grand.  JOB WELL DONE!!!!!  Now were talking! I knew the instant that you posted tonight, because I had hits from your FB page almost immediately.  Great job driving traffic, especially with a terror incident happening at the same time.  Since you went "Rambo", you did 968 visits. That is outstanding!  We may even hit a grand yet tonight ... Yay!"

Before implementing our new formula, it took days, sometimes weeks to make what happened instantly with the formula.  Part of the secret is to make a casual game out of discovering something.  Example:  We posted a photo of treasure chest filled with an assortment of rare jewelry from an estate sale, then wrote ... "Look what we've found!!!  I just love these.  My favorite is the blue one on the left.  What's your favorite?"  48,952 people looked at that post within a few hours and 1500 people posted comments sharing with us which piece of jewelry was their favorite.  And eight people asked, "Is this for sale?  Can I buy this?"  And so, we answered, "Yes" and gave them the link ...

Part of the secret is that we didn't try to sell them anything.  We made it fun, casual, a game, non-threatening.  The idea that anything was for sale was NOT ours.  That idea came from fans and readers as if it was a big secret, which we were forced to reveal.  Bottom line:  it was their idea to buy, their discovery they had stumbled upon, so it was okay to buy.



Our Backroads Alliance (Silver Membership) let's you LEARN while we also introduce you and what you do to our fans and readers in the same manner as in the above example throughout our entire Backroads Network (blogs, sites, pages, communities as well as print versions of our publications in real-world locations, such as diners, coffee shops, beauty salons and doctor's offices where folks sit and read).  How do we tell them about you?  Simple, we keep it short and sweet and fun: a photo, a brief story that entices them to have fun while getting to know you, and then, guides them to you.  

This short, sweet enticement is posted throughout the Backroads network in the Backroads Discovery Guide (both online and in real-world locations), as well as in the Buzz online newspaper and in various blogs and social media networks that we're on.  We believe in the concept that marketing is all about location ... the more locations, the better ... our goal is to reach people wherever they happen to be as they explore The Backroads ...

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