Classic Jigsaw Puzzles


Whether It's a Classic Americana Puzzle
or a Breathtaking Mountain Cabin,
Our Puzzles Will Whisk You Away
to Places & Times for Hours & Days of Fun!

Nostalgic Tin Signs

Classic Jigsaw Puzzles

Backroads Books

Whether it's a painting of Grandma's kitchen, 
an old-fashioned bakery, candy store or a wondrous
room filled with toys, our 1,000 piece puzzles,
painted by award-winning artists will bring you
hours of joy .... 

Take a step back in time to a 1950s Diner or 
a turn-of-the-century General Store, breathe in
the aroma of cakes baking and let your eyes
be filled with wonder in the old-fashioned candy store ...

Spend an afternoon in Grandpa's red barn or 
let your imagination spin with the possible
treasures up in the attic ...

Our collection of beautifully painted and skillfully constructed puzzles
will JumpStart the imagination and take you on a
wondrous trip into yesteryear!


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