INTRODUCING: Chainsaw Artist Steve Blanchard


Magical World of Chainsaw Artist Steve Blanchard


Chainsaw artist Steve Blanchard takes the imagination on a magic carpet ride into a wondrous tiny world of curved doors and windows where the wee folk of the forest live and dwell ....


Steve Blanchard carves some of the most amazing pieces of fairytale houses, whisking you away on a magic carpet ride into a world of imagination and wonder. His world, a world one might remember from bedtime stories as a child of far away mystical places deep in the woods. 
The Magical World of Steve BlanchardBlanchard's creative imagination brings to life this world in stunning detail. Full-size fairytale houses right down to the most intricate feature. These inspirational works takes one inside a fantasy world, where curvy windows and doors are an everyday fact of life and wood is the natural material to use, no glass or steel in sight. Rustic motifs and wildlife abound, spinning a tale that is awe-inspiring and astonishing as well as ...

... a fantastic journey back in time to an age when ...

... anything is possible ...

The Magical World of Steve BlanchardWelcome to Saw Dogs headquarters, where Steve and his foreman orchestrate a team of the best carvers in the world, matching the special skill sets of each carver to the particular project at hand, creating some of the most intricate wood carvings imaginable. 
However, as beautiful and wondrous the final outcome might be, chainsaw carving has an element of danger. The simplest of mistakes have resulted in loss of limb and even death. Handling a chainsaw is a bit different than picking up a paint brush. It requires a steady hand, a fearless attitude and an unwavering focus to the task at hand.

The Magical World of Steve BlanchardBlanchard's Saw Dogs use their chain saws and fertile imaginations to bring to life a fairytale world right out of the pages of a child's bedtime story ...



Enter the World of Steve Blanchard ...









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