The Buzz

Traveling the back roads does not always mean that you're literally on a road.  The back roads can also be a state of mind, a way of looking at the world, even a way of life.  A simpler way of life. 

It begins with deciding to focus on the little things in life that really matter, the things that somehow we forgot along the way, while we were busy keeping up with the Jones's.  Something as simple as taking time out for a friend in need or noticing the birds singing in the morning as the sun breaks the horizon.

Join us as we veer off the busy Interstates onto the less traveled back roads of America, down-shiftin' into a lower gear as we enter into a small town and stop in a roadside diner and get to know the locals, farmers, ranchers, folk artists, crafters, musicians, eccentric innovators, philosopher cowboys, poet visionaries and discover some truly breathtaking places and meet some really amazing folks ... right here, that's right, on the back roads ...


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