Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist


Our Special "Feature Spotlight" Social Media Kit introduces our audience to you and your work through high impact Feature Stories and targeted Publicity Plugs strategically placed throughout The Backroads Network, including in these publications, communities and blogs ...


Backroads Journal

The Backroads Cafe

The Buzz "The Official Hometown News of The Backroads"

Southwestern Style Turquoise Jewelry Explored

Join turquoise enthusiast and vintage jewelry explorer on a Backroads adventure as she goes in search of the most rare and valuable of turquoise stones, the No. 8 mine spider web matrix turquoise stone  ... 

Hit the Road with Traveler blog

The Backroads Girl blog


Backroad Discoveries (coming soon - currently being moved to a new faster, more robust server with more features that will improve visitor experience and capability)


backroadspass-grande.jpgMeet the Artist Backstage

As well as, clever ways to help potential customers stumble across you and your work, such as including a Free Pass to Meet the Artist (you) Backstage. This Pass will be plugged into key areas of our network where readers would be most interested in what you do.

The pass is free and interested viewers of your work would order it just like any other digital product, only it would be free and then they would download the Pass just like any other digital product.

Once downloaded, they would learn a little bit about you and would be able to click on a link to visit your facebook page.  The good news is that we would know they're interested, and because they're already a member of The Backroads, we'd have their name, address, email and phone number on file and permission to contact them about things they've shown an interest in (one of the benefits they asked for when signing up to be a member of The Backroads).


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Your write-up stays online for a full year and is promoted through Weekly Teaser Posts uploaded to Our Network of Social Media pages, blogs, web sites and Communities, plus traffic driven from our social media pages to our network.  Our social media pages reach millions of people per week.  Traveler On the Backroads alone has 633,000 fans and 611,000 followers and reaches up to 1 million people weekly.