My Free Pass

My Free Pass

 Membership Has Its Privileges

"My Free Pass" opens a world of Free Stuff to you and your family ... beautiful free printables that are Instantly Downloadable (ready-to-print on your home desktop printer or with your favorite local or online copy or print shop) ... over the coming year, we'll be rolling new printables on a daily basis ... exquisite designs that can be downloaded, printed out and then framed to create attractive wall art for your home or office or a gift that touches the heart (it's like sending a friend a warm hug) ... free downloadable coloring pages and puzzles for your kids, grand-kids and yourself to keep the whole family having fun while being creative ... 

Just Click the "Add to Cart" button, then Create Your Free Membership Account (if you don't already have one), then follow the instructions below to Download "My Free Pass" ...



Quick Pointers before Adding to Cart ...

Am I Being Charged ...

After clicking "Add to Cart", you notice a dollar amount greater  than zero ...

- If the dollar amount is not $0.00, then Click On "View or edit cart"

- If there are more items in the cart than you want, Click the x in the Total column next to the items you wish to remove


Registering for a New Free Account ...

Entitles you to ...

-Site-wide Discounts
Faster Check Out 
Yep, that's right ... no more forms to fill-out ... )
- Member Discounts
- And a whole lot more (see all the benefits here)


Bill To This Address
Billing Details ...

- don't freak out ... no, we're not charging you for the Free Printables. 
- we're just trying to save money by using the same computer program our billing department uses and pass that savings on to you by giving you free stuff

- Here's how it works: 

- the program sees that your item is free,

- so it does not charge you and

- does NOT collect credit or debit card info, unless you have items in your cart in addition to your free book that do cost money

- What it does do is the same thing your Public Library does when you register for a Library Card to check out a book or access any of their digital services,

- it collects your name and other contact info
- and then issues you a digital library card (a free pass) in our system
- so, when you see "Bill to this Address", yes ... it will bill zero dollars or whatever you spent (if you have items in your cart that cost money)
- but more importantly, it will connect your Free Printables to your new Free Pass in our system and allows you to download your free printable


You're Almost Done When You See "Thanks for Your Order" ...

(you're seconds away from downloading you first free printable) ...

- To begin the downloading process of your Free Printable,
- Click on the link "Download the items you ordered"


Step 2: Look for your Order number

- Click On It


Step Three:  Click the Red Dot ...

- Now, look for a red dot with a white arrow pointing down

- it's located on the corner of the cover of the image you selected

- Click On It


Begin Downloading ...

 - Look for the PDF file with the name of your Free Printable
 - Click On It


 That's it ... Your Free Printable is downloading ...


Now, to Get Started, just


Click  add-to-cart-button.jpg  button (above)

next to BIG cover of book  blue-arrow-pointing-up.jpg