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i long for simpler times ...
for dusty roads and
fields of gold
rickety barns
standing guard o'er
rolling waves of grain
time spent explorin'
fading with each passing season
rusty junk from ages past
oh how our imaginations fly
up into the clouds
just floatin' by
oh how i long
for those lazy days
we shared you and i
jumpin' fences
skippin' rocks
'crossin' bridges
climbin' hay lofts
pretendin' we're drivin'
to far away places
on grand adventures
in grandpa's ol' car
how i long for simpler days
far from the chaos of
all that we've made
how i wish things had stayed
how i wish we had stayed
in the good ol' days
~ poem "Simpler Times" by Michael Traveler, author/poet


author's Note:

All across America, in the small towns and on the back roads, the Spirit of this great land is alive and well, the Spirit that cherishes freedom, that craves the right to pursue one's dreams, to work hard and raise a family, to create and invent, to chase after rainbows, fall in love, worship God. 
This spirit is alive & well on the back roads of this great land ...
I've personally seen it, this love of freedom, seen it as the sun shimmers across the golden crops being harvested by hard-working farmers, seen it in the small towns as families gather at the baseball diamond to watch their children play ball, seen it as folks sit on their porches sippin' tea as they watch the little ones chase fire flies across the front lawn as the sun slowly sets.
This is the America I know
and love ...







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